History Borrmann Brenner Berlin GmbH

The company Borrmann Brenner Berlin GmbH was founded in 1949 in Berlin. During the starting years mainly burners for warming up bitumen for small crafts enterprises, in particular the building and roofing trade, were produced.

With the spreading of Liquid gas / Propane as mobile and clean energy source new possibilities within the building industry for the replacement of the up to then usual heating up with coal or combustion of wood resulted.

Business contacts to the Federal Post Office led in the following years to an extension of the production of the product line burner handles for soldering work as well as burners for bitumen digesters to filling joint boxes.

The acquisition of big customers was the defined marketing target. Firm philosophy oriented already very early on innovative products with excellent quality and an intensive customer care. Further customers, like the German Federal Railroads and a number of large companies in the power industry, could also be won by this strategy.

When at the beginning of the seventies the Federal Post Office changed the technology of cable connection, there was no suitable burner set on the market for the handling of the new shrinking hoses.

With one of the Borrmann Brenner Berlin GmbH developed burner novelty this market gap could be closed and the entire Federal Postal Administration equipped.
Since this development also the telecommunications enterprises in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, South Africa and a lot of other countries were supplied with these burners. At present the main focus is on the market exploitation in Eastern Europe, in Great Britain and North Africa.

Towards the end of the 70's Borrmann Brenner Berlin GmbH also succeeded in largely filling the market segment of gas burners for road construction machines by actively offering attractive solutions.

In 1994 company headquarters and production were shifted to Baruth / Mark – OT Schöbendorf in Brandenburg, south of Berlin.

Since 1998 the company is certified by DIN-ISO 9001-2000.

The most essential products are:
- Propane tools and burners for cable construction
- Regulating technology and special burners for road building machines
- Burners for other applications and industry