Welcome to Borrmann Brenner Berlin GmbH

We are your comprehensive supplier for propane tools and burners with more than 60 years experience. Our firm philosophy based on innovative products with excellent quality supported by comprehensive service and an intensive customer care. Our company is especially active in three production fields:

The product portfolio of Borrmann Brenner Berlin GmbH ranges from gas burners, bitumen cookers, radiant heaters to gas fittings and security valves. We also produce an extensive range of accessories. The basis of our developments is the exchange with our customers and the cooperation with the legislator. It is also a continuous challenge for our development department to adapt the products to the requirements and regulations of the different markets.

Our customers are in particular:

We offer high-quality products with a long working life for the professional user. The most essential attributes of the products are:

The company has a quality management system on basis of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. It has been certified from 1998 to 2009.